Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Indoor Racing at F1 Boston on the City Course (Track 1) on Feb 27, 2011

Seven of us hit the tracks at F1 Boston.  Jim had brought along two of his friends, and we had a first timer from our group - Charlie Fang.  Welcome Charlie.

Jim was quite the Speed Demon, posting the fastest lap time of the evening - a blistering 00:19.147!

All of us decided on a 3 pack race as most of us had to scoot early.

Jim was impressive in the second race moving up from his 5th starting position on the grid, all the way to 2nd.  In the last race after a first lap 3 way bout with Pat and me, he left the pack never to be touched again.

Pat had a good run and posted some good timings on the board, placing 4th as his best finish.  Charlie, for his first outing, posted some great timings.

Jim's friends Valentine Komarovskiy and Bryan Botelho were strong contenders, posting 4th and 6th as their best finishes of the evening.

I had a great duel in the first two races with a driver not part of our group.  In the first race I lost my lead coming up on back markers, and then took it back again on another set of back markers.  Toward the last few laps, I got stuck on the barrier at the corkscrew turn while weaving through back markers, effectively giving away the lead to the other driver.  I finished 2nd.

In the 2nd race, I kept my lead from the get go, with the same other driver right behind me.  Toward the half-way point, he missed the corkscrew turn and crashed into the barrier, relieving the pressure on me, and I coasted to victory.  Jim all the while had been climbing through the ranks and finished 2nd.

Overall a great day, great racing and great fun!

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